Announcing: My Brand Spankin' New Author Website!

Several months ago I took down my old author website and in its stead put up a Black Machetes site. While I do provide some author info there as well as some cool book swag, the site isn't really geared towards connecting with my readers or with other authors.

So after sitting on it for too long, I recently created a new author website and I'm happy to announce that it's finally ready to be unveiled to the world. Woot-woot!

I'm especially excited about my new Psychotic Episodes blog for which I'm committing at least two posts per month. And then there's my Mental Musings content that will be a free subscription-only feature. It will include the latest news on my upcoming releases, various projects, anecdotal stories, poetry, and of course any other mental musings that happen to spill out onto virtual paper.

And finally and in addition to the usual suspects (titles, bio, contact), I also have an Author Tools section where I share tools and tips with my fellow scribes of the world.

I hope you'll earmark a little time to kick the tires and take 'er for a test driveas always, let me know what you think!

Yours truly,

Ryan K. Howard