Where do you live?

I live in North Texas with my beautiful wife, our dog, and our cat.

What do you write?

I tend to write thriller-horror crossovers that have a cinematic grit and edge to them. My debut novel Black Machetes regularly ranks in the Top 100 on Amazon under the Psychological Thriller category (when I’m not lazy and create marketing promos).

What are your credentials?

  • Short-list finalist of the 2015 Eric Hoffer Award

  • Top 100 Psychological Thriller author on Amazon

  • Over twenty years of creative experience in the software industry—check me out on Linked-In to learn about that side of me

What's your favorite pastime?

When I’m not bushcrafting or out on the water fishing, I'm pretty much a homebody. Spending quality time with family en-casa is the thing I enjoy most during waking hours. When it gets quiet and all goes dark, then I relish getting lost inside my own world with a barrage of word deletions, a hard drive full of notes, gallons upon gallons of coffee, the pulling out of hair (of which I cannot afford to lose) and finally, puddles upon puddles of drool from falling asleep at the keyboard. I know...I know...that's a little gross, and I'm sorry...only I'm too lazy at the moment to go back and clean up the puddles—so for now, they stay.

Where do you draw your writing inspiration from?

Oh man, from many places...

For some of the more horrific subject matter, inspiration is derived from old childhood fears as well as from new-found fears. It's sad to say, but many of the tragic things I've written about are based on actual tragedies that I've learned of firsthand over the years from people I've intersected with. Real monsters do indeed exist and they are also known as man.

For things of the heart and hope, inspiration stems largely from my childhood but also afresh from things I'm still learning about on a daily basis. While I do believe in monsters (as already mentioned), I also believe in compassion for the human condition that comes from the heart. And with that, everyday angels do indeed exist and they are also known as man.

So I guess if I had to sum up my source for inspiration into one sentence (I know, too late), it would boil down to: my daily observations of the very real and always constant battle between good and evil within this vastly small maze we call life.

What's your current project?

I’m currently on a writing hiatus, unfortunately. I’ve been heads down working on software projects but my goal is to get back into writing gear in the near future. I have several novels started (Scotty is one shown but unfinished) and I always get an adrenaline rush from just thinking about finishing them. It will happen…just not soon enough.